These are the steps we will follow in helping you find a new Home. Although, at times, the process may seem frustrating and confusing, please don't worry. We'll be there to assist and advise you each step along the way.

When you decide to buy a Home:

Contact one or more loan officers and get pre-qualified for a mortgage as early in the process as possible. If you need assistance with this, let us know and we can put you in touch with Lenders.

A pre-qualified Buyer has a better bargaining power when it's time to make an Offer. The Seller looks at your Offer as a serious and legitimate one. There are a variety of loan products available, so it  is to your benefit to speak with several lenders.

Visit various neighborhoods and try to get an idea of which areas best meet your needs and desires. Then..

Contact us as early as possible. We can give you additional information about neighborhoods where homes are available in your price range. Together, we  will complete some paperwork in which we will explain to you the services we offer and which will also help us discover what kind of houses will work best for you.

While looking for a Home:

Be open with us about what you like and don't like about each house we visit---don't be shy. This is even true when we show you our own listing!

If you visit open Houses or talk with home builders, we encourage you to do so, please sign our name to the register so the builder's representatives or other agent will be aware that we are working together. They'll keep in touch and let us know about price changes or other homes that might work for you.

Continue visiting your chosen neighborhoods looking for specific homes which you like from the outside. We will be giving you lists or emailing you homes of homes to choose or eliminate before we preview the inside. We find this saves a considerable amount of time and unnecessary showings. It doesn't matter whether they are listed with another Realtor, or if they are For Sale By Owner. As your Buyer's Representative, we can represent you in the negotiations on any property. Call us with the addresses and phone numbers and we can provide you with additional information on those homes and arrange for us to see them.

When you are ready to make an Offer:

Let's go see the house a second time and scrutinize it inside and out.

As your agent, we will provide you with a comparative market analysis of other homes which have sold in the immediate area. This will help you decide on a reasonable price to offer. If your first offer is too low, you may offend the sellers and they may think that you are not a serious buyer. This could not only prolong the negotiations, but  could actually make the sellers less negotiable.

Once we're prepared, we will make an appointment to sit down together and go through the paper work to write the Offer.. Unless you offer full price, your first offer will probably be countered by the seller. In fact, the Offer may go back and forth several times before all the terms are agreed upon. Don't become discouraged, and don't get angry with the seller. Put yourself in their shoes...selling your home!

When your Offer becomes a Contract:

The paperwork is delivered to the title company (usually by us) and your earnest money is deposited into an escrow account at the title company. Your check is cashed at this time!

You should immediately see that your loan officer receives a copy of the contract so they can begin the loan approval process. We'll help you with this if needed.

We will help you arrange for both your general inspection and wood-destroying insect inspection (termite). When you have made the appointment, call us and we will make the property available. To help know more about the property, you should plan on attending the inspection. Times for inspections run about 1 to 2 hours per each thousand square feet in the home. When the inspector is finished, you will be given a report and any explanations necessary for you to understand it. (You should plan to pay the inspector at this time for the inspection.)

After the inspections, we will meet and review the report.   Depending upon any repairs or defects found in the report, you will decide whether to accept the property,  return to the seller to re-negotiate price or repair items or terminate the Contract. Occasionally a Buyer may request that the Offer be terminated if defects are extreme.  However, remember that you cannot go back to the Sellers for more repairs after closing. Also, the mortgage company may insist that certain repairs be made prior to closing, or hazardous conditions need to be corrected before you move in.

Some time prior to closing, your mortgage company will be making arrangements for the appraisal and survey. Generally the listing agent will meet the appraiser and let him or her in. The appraisal is a backup measure to help keep you from paying more for a house than it’s worth at that particular time.

Also during this time period, the title company will be preparing the title insurance policy by checking the liens on the property, encroachments, easements, other encumbrances, etc. You should receive a title commitment letter within 20 days after the title company receives the contract. Look  it over carefully to make sure there are no deed restrictions, encroachments, utility easements which would make it impossible for you to fulfill your plans for the property -- for example, building a pool, adding a second story, or operating a home office. Remember, you will still need city approval and a building permit should you decide to actually make improvements. The title policy does not protect you against city ordinances.

Schedule your move and we will call the title company to make an appointment for your closing. We will attempt to attend, so we can answer any questions that may arise. Also, call the utility companies and make arrangements to have the utilities transferred to your name. Do this well in advance. You may be required to do some paperwork or pay deposits.

Close. And enjoy your new home. Don't forget the Homestead Exemption on your new home! We’d love to come see it after you have moved in and gotten settled, so please give us a call. We will keep in touch periodically, as we like to have made a few friends along the way.


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